A sensational hairstyle is the desire of every woman. With hundreds of hairstyles in the market, it can be challenging to find the perfect one. You have to look into several things like wig length, wig texture, hair materials, density and lace type to get the perfect look.


This makes it important to know how each of these features can contribute in providing the look you want. Without knowing this you can end up getting a great wig but not the perfect one for yourself.


Amongst all of them, understanding the hair length is very important. If you do not get a wig of the right length, your expensive wig may fail to deliver the mesmerizing feel you want.


In this wig length chart, we will cover everything about wig length so that you can decide what hair type and length will look best on you




Wigs are available in different lengths. You can find them in lengths from 8 inches to 30 inches.


Wig length is the measure of hair strands from the crown to where the hair will land. The measurement conveys where the hair will fall once it is installed.


An 18 inches hair length means the unit will end at 18 inches from the crown of your head. For straight hair, this is easy to understand. The wig length is simply the length of hair strands on the unit that has straight hair.


For curlyand wave wigs, the hair needs to be pulled straight to get the exact measurement. This is because the curly texture makes the hair look shorter than its actual length. So a curly texture unit might appear to be 16 inches even when the length of hair strands is between 17 to 18 inches.


There can also be slight variations in this measurement depending on the hair texture you have, how the unit has been installed and your physical features.


Let us see how wig length is measured to get a better idea of this.


Comparison shots are all over the internet, and they are some of the most interesting photos shared on the web. Curly girls all over the world use them to measure their hair length over time.


Here are some tips for getting good hair length comparison shots:

  • Wear your hair in the same hairstyle in both pictures.
  • Make sure that your background and clothing contrast with your hair color.
  • Take the picture from the same distance in both pictures.
  • Leave enough time between the first picture and the second picture.


A soft tape measure (also called measuring tape) is the most accurate way to measure your hair length. The best way to track your progress with a tape measure is to write down your measurements and compare them with future ones.


Here are step by step instructions:

Unwrap your tape measure and find the end with the smaller numbers. Hold the tape measure at that end between your thumb and pointer finger.

Choose a section of your hair that you want to measure.

Hold your tape measure so that the end of it touches your scalp (near the hair section you chose).

Use one hand to hold the tape measure at your scalp and use the other one to stretch out and measure your hair.

Take note of where your hair ends.

Repeat the above instructions all over your head (on each side, the crown, the back, etc.)

  • Pros of Using a Soft Tape Measure

Accuracy: You can check exactly how long your hair is and keep track of your monthly hair growth rate.

Ease of Use: Once you get the hang of measuring your hair with a tape measure, it’ll get easier over time.

  • Cons of a Soft Tape Measure

Measuring the hair in the back: You might find it tricky to measure the hair in the back, especially if you’ve got short curly hair.

You can refer to this hair length chart to understand where the hair will fall on your body.

Depending upon your height and physical features, there might be slight variations.



Short hair is referred to hair length ranging from just below the ears to the chin. Bobs and pixie fall under this hair length. Short hair can elevate your facial bones and give a more dramatic look. They also need minimum maintenance.


Bobs can be worn with bangsto give a chic look. These types of hairstyles are popularly worn by Hollywood actresses.



Medium hair is that which ends between your shoulders and armpits. It mixes the best of short and long length hair to give a universal look. Medium hair length is the most popular hair length as it offers more versatility without being very difficult to maintain. You can customize it with bangs, waves or style it into a pony.



Wigs with hair strands that fall below the armpit and up to the tailbone or longer are considered long lengths. Long hair can give an incredible look to women who are tall as it maxes out the feminine aspect. Long hair can be customized into all sorts of hairstyles like pony, updos or bangs, making them a great choice.



Wig length is as important as texture. The right wig length and texture can make you look gorgeous and elegant. Let our wig length chart be your guide to find out which hair length complements you the most.


Anwig Hair offers wigs in different lengths and textures to make sure you can customize and get the stunning look you always wanted. Our 100% Virgin human hair wigs and bundleswill make the hair look natural and fascinating. With a wide selection of wigs and hair bundles in different colors, styles and lengths getting the perfect hairstyle is now effortless. The premium lace material on the wigs also makes it incredibly comfortable for you to wear them.


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