December 12th 2021 – AZTech Training and Consultancy, a Provider of Leading-Edge Learning Solutions, unveiled its recently updated 2022 listing of classroom and online training courses specifically developed to cope with today’s post-COVID environment. The portfolio of over 500 courses is now published online and features quality assured trainings conducted by subject matter and industry specialists and being held at prime strategic global locations.


“We constantly focus on providing trainings solutions that generate clear results and this experience sets the foundation of our long-term training partnership with our clients. Our commitment to professionals at all levels, across various industry sectors is an ongoing one – and we are pleased to share their continued growth and success. Our 2022 classroom and online training plan includes newly conceived training courses and exquisite venues that will complement our extensive training portfolio”, said Dr. Moutaz K., Training Director, AZTech Training and Consultancy.


The 2022 Training Plan includes a broad range of program categories offering Strategy, Management & Leadership Training Courses, Administrative Support, Finance & Accounting Training Courses, Sales & Marketing Training Courses, Human Resource Management Training Courses, Project Management Training Courses, Contracts Management Training Courses, Procurement & Materials Management Training Courses, Mechanical Engineering Training Courses, Electrical Engineering Training Courses, Power, Utilities & Energy, Maintenance Management Training Courses, Oil & Gas Training Courses, Telecommunication, Information Technology Training Courses, Health, Safety & Security Training Courses and Public Relations training courses.


In addition to some of our most popular training locations such as London – UK, Amsterdam – The Netherlands, Geneva – Switzerland, Barcelona – Spain, Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia, Vienna – Austria, Dubai Training Courses – UAE, Istanbul – Turkey, the 2022 classroom training courses will extend its international reach by including series of quality assured training courses in Port Louis – Mauritius, Casablanca – Morocco, Zurich – Switzerland, Johannesburg – South Africa and Calgary – Canada.


For a comprehensive listing, Visit our 2022 training plan




About AZTech


AZTech is a leading international provider of training & development solutions. AZTech Training undertakes a stern commitment to professional excellence by delivering quality assured training programmes and the best possible learning experience. Our excellence is demonstrated by our continuous partnership with the world’s leading professional governing and certifying bodies. Our network of clients includes several world-renowned organizations, as well as new and emerging entities. No organization is too large or too small for AZTech to add value.


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