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Most of us stress about not having everything we need on a picnic trip. A picnic backpack not only gives you the perfect place to store your food, but it also provides the convenience of transporting all of your items in one pack.

Whether you’re walking your favorite path or just making a trip to your local lake, getting one of these backpacks can make your life a lot easier.

Choosing the best picnic backpack for two or even a picnic blanket for four with a blanket, can be a total game changer as far as your enjoyment goes. With so many options to choose from, you want to make sure your needs are met. From wine bottles to cutlery we provide a diverse list of the best picnic backpacks.

Once you pick the best picnic backpack on a budget, you’ll be able to have stress free picnic trips making your adventures easier than ever before. Hopefully this guide will provide all the information you need to pick the right backpack for you and one which will help you have a wonderful time.

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Life need a few more hugs and picnics. – Pack Team

Ascot Insulated Picnic Backpack (US $29)

This is a great bag for the lone traveler or if your trying to get some “Me Time”. This bag is also suitable for mom/dad and a small child.

Bring a bottle of wine or your drink of choice. On the front pockets you can fit your cell phone or other small items. Easily Carr a few grapes or snacks, a block of cheese etc. Yon the opposite side of the bottle holder you can fit a small speaker or anything of similar size. Extra tip – if loading with ice keep upright.FORICH Soft Cooler Backpack (US $29)

This PEVA liner leak proof insulated designs is more than capable of keeping your drinks and food cold Although it may look small you can easily pack 30 cans to give you an idea, but feel comfortable in knowing you can easily pack youdrinks, beer, fruit, ice pack, meals, tall beverages, snacks, cellphone and so on.

The outer compartments can fit a cellphone or other small items . On the lid you can fit small snacks and the two mesh side sleeves fit two bottles of wine or water perfectly.

Happy Picnic Backpack (US $38)

This Happy pack is a fun and convenient way to carry your drinks and food when you’re on the go and moving. Forget you’re uncomfortable cooler and go out in the world exploring in style.

Like a cooler the insulation will still keep your drinks cool. The look of this pack will make you look like your going to the office, but you are really carrying your food, utensils, towels and other accessories in an inconspicuous manner.

Get the look of a regular backpack with all the tools you need for your picnic.


Picnic Time ‘PT-Colorado’ Backpack Cooler (US $40)

The PT-Colorado picnic backpack has a durable polyester construction with fully insulated cooler section for food and drinks and durable picnic service for two.

Unzip the double zippered section at the front of the bag to see all the amenities that are included- two each: stainless steel forks, knives and spoons, all-half tang with polypropylene handles, 8-ounce plastic wine glasses, plastic 8-inch plates, 14-inch 100% cotton napkins, plus a set of plastic salt and pepper shakers.

The PT Colorado picnic tote has a super-stylish design. The insulated cooler section will hold up to 20 standard size cans, and it has adjustable backpack straps for added comfort.


Apollo Walker Picnic Backpack For 2 (US $53)

This is a good quality picnic backpack for two. The food compartment is a good size for a nice picnic. It has a detachable wine holder that will keep the wine cool on a hot day. The padded straps are perfect for carrying comfort.

You get 2 knives, forks, spoons, plates, glasses and napkins. 1 chopping board, 1 cheese knife, 1 bottle opener and 2 shakers for salt and pepper.


ALLCAMP Picnic Backpack (US $57)

This very luxurious looking pack has the design and feel you want in a sleek picnic backpack. The large insulation compartment can fit all of your good comfortably.

The fleece blanket has a tartan pattern designs with a water proof PEVA lining so you can sit comfortably on any wet surface. It also comes with rust resistant stainless steel


Apollo Picnic Backpack (US $59)

This is a very cool all-in-1 picnic backpack for 4. You can keep food and drinks fresh with the insulated compartment. The backpack does have a waterproof lining and so does the blanket.

The padded straps enhance carrying comfort. The detachable wine compartment will make your first pour an easy one.

You get 4 knives, forks, spoons, plates, glasses and napkins. 1 chopping board, 1 cheese knife and 2 shakers for salt and pepper.


California Picnic Backpack for 4 (US $69)

This is a really beautiful backpack for any time of the year. Give yourself a gift you will love and a useful one at that. Perfect for enjoying time with friends and family during park and camping outings.

This is a well made insulated picnic backpack sure to impress your friends and family for years to come. All Accessories are made of FDA approved materials.

Includes Cutlery and Flatware Includes: 4 x Stainless Steel Cutlery Sets, 4 x Wine Glasses, 1 x Stainless Steel Salt and Pepper Shakers, 4 x Matching Pattern Plates and Napkins, 1 x Wooden Handle Corkscrew Opener, 1 x Wooden Handle Cheese Knife, 1 x Wood Cheese Board, 1 x Waterproof Matching Pattern Picnic Blanket


Sunflora Picnic Backpack (US $79)

Easily one of the best hottest packs right now for picnicking. The Sunflora Picnic Backpack for 4, includes all tablewares for 4 people, insulated wine pouch, wine glasses, insulated and waterproof food compartment, 32″ x 32″ picnic blanket; everything you need for an outdoor picnic.

Insulated Compartment dimension: 14″ x 11″ x 5″. A thick insulated layer is covered the whole food compartment, it can hold 4 people’s snacks and fruits and keep them warm or cool for hours.



Straps are an important consideration when it comes to picnic backpacks as they are not all built to the same standard. You want to look at the size of the padding that goes best for your intended use. Padding can also have breathable technology for a cooling comfort on those hot summer days.

If you are going to be traveling a short distance then this isn’t going to be much of an issue and any of the best picnic backpack on a budget would do. If you plan on going on longer hikes with your then you want to ensure that the straps are well padded in order to cope with the weight.

The actual weight of the products sold specifically for these bags is often quite light, but when you start packing next thing you know your carrying around a small child in your pack.

Not only are these straps padded but they are also adjustable in some cases. Having the ability to strap them against your torso is also beneficial for stability


The zippers on these products will get a lot of use and have to be strong enough to handle the back and forth movement for years to come. Strong zippers are not often an aspect that’s looked at as carefully as they should on packs. Purchasing a badly designed zipper can cause a huge headache, especially for a product such a backpack.

You do have options when it comes to zippers. Two-way zippers are always convenient for opening the lining no matter the side your on. To avoid insects and bugs you may want to always keep your zippers at the top to avoid entrance from the lower areas.

It’s also important to have strong zippers that close the lining properly and don’t open with subtle movements. Some bags may offer larger sturdier zipper handles, making it easier to grab a hold of and move. Purchasing a good quality pack will make the difference in all aspects of the bag and even the zipper.


These backpacks can all look good on the outside, but its what’s on the inside that counts. You may want to consider insulated compartments to store your food for your trip.

The insulation will help prevent your food from spoiling especially on hot days. You can also separate food and avoid spilling and touching.

For those of us who like wine, we find some of these bags have bottle holders. Some bags may have two holder for those of us that may like an extra glass or if you’re searching for the best picnic backpack for four.

These bags may also come with pockets or sections for plates and silverware. You can also find compartments to store your personal items.


Outside of the insulated compartments it is slightly more difficult to find a bag that completely insulated like a cooler. Some bags have a better design then others when it comes to keeping items cool and fresh.

You can find the outer layer may be protected by offering weatherproof or waterproof options.


The almighty tool of the picnic area. You can look at our favorite picnic blanket. In most cases you need a blanket at the picnic. You won’t always have a table to sit at so having blankets at your disposal is important.

The spot you pick to rest may be wet grass or hot sand and having a comfortable blanket can prevent unnecessary issues. They help keep your clothes clean and create a barrier between your food and the insects.

The key feature to look for is a waterproof layer to prevent any moisture from penetrating the blanket and wetting your clothing. This will help keep you and your company dry and happy.

These blankets do come in different sizes, so depending on how much space you want or how many people are invited this is something to look at.

Tips For The Perfect Picnic

The perfect picnic takes a little bit of thought and a lot of love. Here are some ideas to help make the best of your day.

Food Ideas

Quick meals are usually best. Any kind of finger food will make life easy and keep the cleanup easy. Finger foods help you avoid the mess of plates and utensils dirtying your bag or blanket.


As mentioned above the blanket brings so many positives it is a must you get the best blanket. The best picnic backpack on a budget will provide you with a blanket holder to keep your bottom warm and clean. It also will help insects not getting to your food.


Place Settings

If you have a couple of guests and you want to keep life simple, bringing a pack with a compartment for disposable utensils and plates can make your trip an enjoyable one. No need to clean or wash dishes, just bring disposables and leave them in the garbage and no worries about dirtying the best picnic backpack on a budget.


If you care about our environment and don’t want to go the disposable route, you can go with a pack that comes with a cutlery kit.



Purchase a pack with a wine holder or any refreshment holder to keep your drinks cold and your hands free. Enjoying a nice bottle of wine can take your picnic to another level. You can free your brain from the daily routine, serve a glass and enjoy great conversation.



No matter the mood or setting, good music will create the perfect atmosphere for any trip. Whether you’re hanging out with friends creating new memories or you’re getting some one on one with your partner, a great bluetooth speaker will enhance any picnic.

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