Better speakers for the Audi A4 B5

How to change the speakers in the Audi A4 B5? It’s a very popular model around the world and the Audio brand is synonymous with quality. Over the years, the sound system in every vehicle becomes defective or out of date. Audi has also installed Bose systems in many premium models, where replacement is a little more difficult. The Bose system consists of a 13cm 2-way system in the front in both doors with external tweeters, two 16cm woofers in the rear doors, and a subwoofer in the rear of the trunk with an amplifier.

The standard audio system has the same structure and also consists of a 13 cm 2-way system with paper cones in both front doors and external tweeters in the door panels. 16cm woofers with simple paper cones are built into the rear doors. For this reason, the resilience is not particularly high, and the quality of the music reproduction leaves a lot to be desired.

Ifyouwanttoimprovethemusicquality of the Audi A4, you usually only have to go to a workshop that canines tall better loudspeakers in the vehicle. But there are also websites that provide special knowledge and tutorials for converting the Audi A4. However, in order to find suitable instructions for removing and replacing the original loudspeakers, it is best to follow the Audi A4 B5 Lautsprecher tauschen, all the necessary steps are described here.

Whatarethebenefitsofbetterspeakersystems in the Audi? Today people spend increasing amounts of time in vehicles due to traffic, traffic jams and other delays. A good audio system makes this time much easier for us to endure, and the long stay in the car becomes much more relaxed for the passenger or children. Listening to your favorite songs on the way home not only increases driving fun, but it also influences the mood of the entire day.

Whatdoesthemarketofferforsuitablespeakersforthe Audi A4? Exchanging original speakers from the factory does not pay off, it is of very affordable quality. It can not keep up with the manufacturers in the after-market for loudspeakers. Modern loudspeaker systems have high-quality membranes, thick magnets, and tweeters with high-quality crossovers. The quality of the membranes is crucial for the sound and also good bass in woofers. The tweeters at the manufacturers of branded loudspeakers are larger and also made of higher quality parts such as aluminum membranes. Factory-installed tweeters only have a small capacitor upstream in the frequency path, so that good voices can not really be reproduced.

Isitcomplicatedtoinstallnewspeakers? No, installation is very easy with the right instructions and can be done in a few simple steps. The tools that are needed for the installation are available in almost every household. Youdon’thavetohaveanyspecialtechnicalqualificationstodismantlethedoorpanel, if you have a different Audi model, just follow Auto-Lautsprecher Einbau-Tipps here you will also find instructions for other audio models. The site is constantly updated and always has new instructions for changing speakers online for free. If you switch to brand loudspeakers, as a vehicle owner you will experience a completely new level of musical enjoyment. Today entertainment is important in the car and relaxing from the stress of traffic.


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