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Arfius Al-din said: “There already have so many problems in our society, and we have to face them every day. If we try to identify those problems and try to make a solution for the betterment of our society, It can be a new business module along with adding a noble cause.” He also added, “One of our organizations, Arfius Collection, is currently dealing with many unique ideas and problems that mostly come from the feedback and the people’s opinions, and InShaAllah, we’ll find a better path to solve those.”

During the Covid-19, many people lost their jobs, many companies shut down, and people had no hope during that hard time. At that time, e-freelancing.com became much more popular and got a better response by creating a job alternative by freelancing career. Arfius Al-din invested in more than 15 companies and did many consultancies, including Vasan Char Rohinga Project during the pandemic. Currently, He focuses on the online education system where many students and people can develop their skills and knowledge, which we came to know from him during the interview with him. He also thinks self-reliance gives financial freedoms.

Arfius Al-din also said,” Hopefully, everyone takes the covid vaccination to get rid of that worst situation.”

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