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Essential Winter Home Maintenance

Home maintenance isn’t a thing for the summer alone; there are so many things to do around the house once you hit the cooler temperature. Let us have a look:


Chimney & Fireplace

Let us start with the chimney and fireplace – the crucial aspects of the winter season. While you can immensely benefit from fireplace inserts, hire professionals for the assessment of your chimneys and fireplaces. Typically, the professional will be sending a camera up the chimney to ensure that everything is good. If the chimney or fireplace needs to be cleaned, the professionals will be able to do so and help you with it.

The professional won’t only ensure that there aren’t any animals living inside the chimneys but also for any potential creosote buildup, which is an oily product inside the chimney, as this is how chimney fires start. Besides, if you are burning wood or wooden appliances, you ought to ensure that everything is cleaned up before you ignite the fireplace for the first time in the cold winter season.


Roof & Foundation

If we talk about the foundation and roof of your home, those areas need to be inspected too. Depending on the pitch of your roof, if you feel safe enough to walk on your roof, you ought to watch out for any missing tiles or cracks. If you need to make any small repairs, you can indulge in a DIY project and do some roof caulking – if it’s something a little bit major, such as shingle replacement, you might want to hire a professional to do the needful.

If the roof is really high, and you have never gone on the roof before, we recommend not taking the risk but using a drone for the roof inspection instead. You will be looking for missing shingles and holes. But, you are also looking for deteriorated caulking. The same goes for the foundation of your house. If you see any cracks in your foundation, address that before the first winter snow, preferably in the fall season.

Once molten snow gets into the foundation of your house, you will be in big trouble.



Another winter home maintenance tip revolves around your gutters that need to be cleaned out ideally in the fall since the leaves fall from the trees and fill the gutters, which is also the primary reason homes flood. Gutters get filled with leaves and debris; it runs over and gets into your home’s foundation. You can immensely benefit from a leaf guard – after cleaning out your gutters, out on the leaf guard, and you will never have to clean the gutters again.



Referring to the exterior of your house, if you have wooden windows, make sure to peel off any old deteriorated paint and then repaint it. Check the caulking of the exterior, and ensure that the windows are sealed from the exterior. To keep the heat inside and prevent it from escaping, you can make your bedroom and interior space cozier by hanging heavy dark curtains in front of the windows. 


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