The Bajaj Pulsar NS 160 has set a truly proud moment for all stunt bikes in the world!

Longest Record for No Hands Wheelie- Bajaj Pulsar NS 160

Bajaj put another feather in its cap through Pulsar NS 160 with the feature on the longest record for a no-hands wheelie!



Since Indian motorcyclists started using Bajaj Pulsar, it has also been the first choice of local stunt experts. To some extent, this popularity has increased during MTV’s Pulsar Mania performance, which confirms the fact that the Pulsar motorcycle series may be one of the best options for bike stunts. It is the right weapon to slow growth. If you still have questions about its performance, it is understandable. However, we are delighted to hear the latest feat achieved by Bajaj when the Pulsar NS 160 broke the world record for the longest no-hands wheelie. This world record was recognised and listed in the India Book of Records and Federation of Motor Club India (FMSCI).


The Bajaj Pulsar NS 160- No-hands Wheelie

The record of the no-hands wheelie achieved was 186.8 meters, breaking the existing world record of 89 meters. Pulsar NS160 was chosen because of its lightweight, durability, and powerful performance. The NS160’s powerful engine that delivers a raw power of 17.2 PS helped Hrushikesh Mandke set a good time for this world record. The patented DTS-I dual-fuel injection engine provided a stable throttle response for the bike and provided complete control of the situation for the rider during the entire test. The high-strength frame in Pulsar NS160 ensures stability, balance, and control.


Hrushikesh recently set another new record for the fastest quarter-mile wheelie in 23.68 seconds. However, this feature was achieved by the rider in the Pulsar NS 200. All the best and most experienced automotive journalists and road testers in the country had drafted all the necessary safety logs while the rider set out to achieve this record. The record-setting Bajaj Pulsar NS 160 that was used was in a completely new condition as displayed in a showroom. The administrator requested a special refusal to remove the license plate and rear wing, so as not to throw away the asphalt while driving.

To have is immense power and control with the bike has set a new league for us. Take a bow Hrushikesh Mandke!


Hrushikesh Mandke commented on the success of the Pulsar NS 160 on the record, saying: The Pulsar NS 160 is the epitome of power and performance. For him, it was the ideal choice to achieve this feat with this bike. The small and compact bike is lightweight enough to achieve a long wheelie time as well as powerful and strong enough to initiate and maintain the wheelie. He further went on to say that he was honored to be able to participate in another record-setting event with the most popular Indian bike company in the world.


Bajaj Pulsar bicycles are very popular among stunt lovers in India. The NS160 is a smaller version of the NS 200, powered by a 160cc DTS-I engine with two spark injections. The output power is 17.2 hp and it also has a five-speed transmission. The main appearance features which define the NS 160 include a muscular fuel tank, clip-on handlebars, engine cowl, split seats, split rear grab rail, backlit switchgear, and alloy wheels.

To see the entire world record for the longest no-hands wheelie, click here!



In an industry that is dominated by foreign companies, it is really an impressive feature to see that the Indian bikes have achieved this world record. Further, the record which was broken was 89 meters and the record achieved was 186 meters. The difference in both records is nothing short of humiliation in the face of other stunt bikes. We hope that Bajaj will continue to achieve further excellent records through the Pulsar series and continue to contribute to the industry!


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