Looking for fillers? Go to Novomed – Al Ain without thinking twice!

I was unhappy with my appearance because of all the visible lines on my face and it was really affecting my self-confidence. I would constantly avoid looking in the mirror or having my picture taken. I discovered Novomed online after reading positive reviews about their advanced treatment using fillers in Al Ain, and I haven’t looked back since then. I was anxious going at their Al Ain center because I didn’t know what to expect, but everyone there was wonderful.


The dermatologist at Novomed is never pushy and constantly listens to what I want to achieve. I wanted to have work done on my face but it was critical that the changes appear natural. She walked me through the entire process and put me at ease. I’ve had a few dermal fillers there so far and have been really pleased with the treatment. The doctor is really attentive when explaining the procedure; she made me feel quite relaxed and confident about the treatment. She pays close attention to the smallest things and is meticulous in her job. Throughout the procedure, she was reassuring and made sure I knew exactly what to expect.


She successfully did my nose to mouth lines, and I was thrilled by the results. My face had a few bruises, but they completely recovered within a couple of days. The results have exceeded my expectations, and I’ve received numerous compliments from people who think I look fantastic. I wanted to appear fresher rather than younger and that is exactly what I got. I have complete faith in the doctor’s abilities because she does an amazing job at proving to you that you are in the best of hands. Everyone I met there has been extremely friendly and helpful.


It’s such a joy to finally feel good about myself because I used to feel self-conscious about my face. It’s now smooth and my nose to mouth lines have vanished. It’s wonderful to be able to smile without fear of my lines showing. They have truly transformed my life. I would recommend Novomed for anyone who is looking for a game changing session with fillers in Al Ain. I plan to continue using her services for a long time in order to maintain my youthful appearance.



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