Paan tea into the market

Tea is a gripping beverage to many, especially in countries like India. The basic milk tea has evolved into many forms like masala tea, ginger tea, lemon tea, green tea, black and most excitingly into the paan tea.

Some introduction to Paan tea

Paan tea is an exciting flavour as it blends the aroma of the betel leaves and the richness of the milk tea. It glides down your throat making you realise the beauty in exploring blended flavours of tea.

Paan is not new to India, it is a beloved digestive component taken by people from time immemorial. Paan tea is healthier than the paan itself. The taste is exotic and the aftertaste keeps lingering for a long time.


Benefits of choosing Paan tea

1.   Flavorful experience:

The components it has leaves you with a strong and unforgettably relishing taste. It is indeed a flavorful experience to find your taste buds dancing with the paan tea.


2.    Digestion on track:

Paan leaves are best known for digestion and simplifying food components and easing digestion.

3.    Healing properties:

Paan tea is quite refreshing and healing. It helps to relieve aches and pains in the body along with stress. It lowers the body temperature hence is extremely advisable in summers.

4.   Dental health

Paan leaves keep away bad odours from the mouth. Paan tea is a natural breath freshener and mouth freshener. It regulates your dental health.

5.    Metabolism rate

Paan tea maintains your metabolism rate and helps you stay healthy from the inside. It is good for health.


 Paan tea as a business

Paan tea gathers its audience really fast. In a country like India, people do not restrict themselves to one and only one cup of tea rather they are ready to consume more than any number of cups if they fall in love with it. If you can brew that pulling in Paan tea, the customers are waiting in the queue already.

The investment is low though the profit margin is quite high. When you hook up with a paan tea franchise it becomes, even more, easier and more profitable. You don’t have to invest a lot in heavy infrastructure or machinery because you don’t need them.

Perks of running a Paan tea franchise business

1.   Trusted help available:

Franchisors are the best and most trustable help in setting up a sustainable business. Setting up a successful paan tea business through a franchise is a wise option.

2.    Not a lot of homework needed

Your homework is already done by the franchisors. You don’t have to go through the initial struggle of establishing a brand rather you are ready to launch. Your homework is hence reduced. You have to put have the effort that starts up do.

3.    Lesser risk and brand failure

You don’t have to spend sleepless nights thinking if your brand will come and you don’t have to worry about brand failure. The brand you are taking forward is already in the market and is doing pretty good. You must meet the expectations of the customers and it is a win-win game.



Paan tea is a deliciously flavorful choice of tea and the paan tea franchise business is a wise call.



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