Professional car repair and maintenance at Double O Automobile

One among the many products and services of The Double O Group is Automobile and Mechanic Services, which includes: *Car Spray and Paint *Auto Repairs and Maintenance *Electrical *Wheel Balancing/Alignment Service *Car Part Sale and more.

This business serves as a primary solution for its customers vehicle problems.
Double O group has staffs with specified duties to make the customers relation process easier and fun.
One staff would be the dealer, who will give you consultations about cars, alternations, and general car situation; another would be the Mechanic who repairs the car based on your request; and then finally we have Painters that can paint or even customise your car.
This processes may take awhile to finish but the double O Automobile assure quality and safety for all parties involved.

Double O Automobile can help you with your Vehicle needs, whether it’s a new car, a used car or a trade in. Keep this in mind:- We have the features and experts to help you fix confidently – You’ll drive home happy knowing that at Double O Automobile services are provide the appropriate Guarantees.

– Finding your vehicle final solution is as easy as reaching Double O automobile.
Anytime the company is capable to manage extensive range of automotive for all people with different needs and budgets.

Double O Group is a Professional Business Platform. Here they will provide you only interesting and top notch services, which will worth the value of money paid and sure to be liked very much. Double O group are dedicated to providing you the best of it’s Business services, with a focus on dependability and Automobile Repair/maintenance, construction, real estates, food and logistics, wood and furniture. We’re working to turn our passion for Business into a booming online website. We hope you enjoy our Business as much as we enjoy offering them to you. At double o group, the company is focused on creating quality driven services through sustainability and technology driven innovations to meet our customers utmost satisfaction.

The Company has world-class creative talent of engineers, painters, strong and experienced management team and employs advanced clerks, workmen and techniques. Dedicated to helping customers reach value for their money. Double O group of companies creates and innovates the process of offering services and delivery top of class to its client plus engages customers with most pleasant level of politeness, value and regards for a proper corporate presentations, branding and representation.

It’s not rocket science, really! We love what we do. We are very well structured and fuse a personal approach and attention to detail with convenience and customer peace of mind. Since the brand and its services is a fast and strong growing trend not only in Nigeria but already developing to other African countries, we engage our audience through ground-breaking positive experiences that are driven by insight and innovation. Today, clients are increasingly realizing the advantages of using our services to achieve max satisfaction from our proven solutions.
you may keep checking out their website for more important posts and discounts for all of you. Please give your support and love and patronize always.

Visit Double O group at their head office :
KM 4, Asaba/Ibusa Expressway, Asaba, Delta state. Before immigration office, from kook junction.
Also reach on social, via instagram and on any of the mobile numbers 08161455791 or 07082258429.
For more information do check up their website at


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