Which is the best iPad Art App? ibis Paint vs Procreate

Drawing on papers with an old-fashioned felt pen is a gratifying experience. However, when it comes time to correct your errors, command+Z does not appear to function. Technology, fortunately, is on your team. Artists and creatives may swiftly go through revisions and iterations and create their greatest work yet with the top drawing apps ready to go on a mobile device. ibis Paint vs Procreate has been a trending topic recently.

It’s critical to think about the best options for your artistic process before acquiring one of these magical small sketching applications. Some of the apps and features accessible in the digital art industry nowadays may surprise you.

We’ll take you through the best of the bunch – something there’s for everyone, thankfully!

The most difficult aspect of transitioning to digital illustration is planning your setup and selecting a device. This article covers the most important considerations you should make while starting started.

It all gets down to what you’re attempting to accomplish when it comes to selecting the finest digital art program for you. Photo editing, graphic arts, digital painting, and everything in between — even specialties like manga sketching – all have their own set of tools. There’s also the issue of price.

As a result, we give you today this excellent comparison of ibis Paint X vs Procreate for your consideration.

ibis Paint vs Procreate

ibis Paint X

ibis Paint X is a Photoshop-style painting and picture editing tool with a few unique features for anime and manga creators.

ibis mobile, Inc. is the developer.

Cost: Free (ads included; $4.99 premium)

Impressions: bills itself as a manga and anime fan’s go-to sketching and sharing software. It includes several useful tools and settings for artists who prefer to sketch in that manner and share their work on social media or through live broadcasts.

The program functions similarly to a “Photoshop light” on your phone, sans the special aspects of anime and manga art. Layers, various brushes and line art, and full RGB & HSB colour palettes are among the features it provides for picture editing and sketching.


Ibis Paint can do a lot of various things; sadly, I’m not that much of an artist, so I wasn’t able to use it to its full potential. Many of these capabilities, in my opinion, would benefit from the use of a pen or a tablet to allow for more exact and accurate stroking on the screen. Drawing with your fingers on a tiny phone screen is difficult, particularly if you want to create delicate details.

The manga and anime aspects are very appealing. They enable you do things like add frames, add reference photographs or sketches, and apply effects from anime and manga scenes to your photos to give your project the finished appearance you desire. This program will not turn you into a brilliant manga painter overnight, but it will assist you if you already have some expertise. Other unique features include the option to share your works with the community and via social media, as well as the opportunity to download the work of other users.

Overall –

ibis Paint X is a good art and drawing program with a lot of cool features and a strange name. It is not, however, without flaws. When using the app on a phone, the user interface is a little busy, which I understand considering the limited area and number of functions accessible. On a tablet, though, it looks considerably better. Also, the program may benefit from a lesson on the various tool icons, since not all of them are apparent to a newbie artist like me as to what they do.

Despite the questionable advertising tactics, I’d recommend ibis Paint X to any artist on the road. I wouldn’t recommend it as a major medium for art production, as there are many better free choices available on both Android and the PC. If you’re a traveling artist or a fan of manga and anime art, and you’re looking for a fun app with some amazing community works, this is the app for you.


Do you want to use your iPad to sketch and paint? Then you should think about Procreate. It’s a strong drawing tool with a large following amongst artists, and it’s jam-packed with features that make it a joy to use.

Savage Interactive is the Developer.

The price is 9.99 USD


If you need to, you can work with hundreds of layers, as well as masks, blend modes, and over 130 configurable Procreate brushes. The typographic tools bring a whole new level of creativity to the mix.

Procreate 5.2 includes M1 iPad Pro compatibility, 3D painting tools, and AR previews, as well as an enhanced UI and auditory feedback for a better overall experience. Therefore it really makes it a viable tool for many people out there who are looking for a great iPad experience.


This tool is pretty good as it provides a comprehensive experience, the drawback lies in the fact that you still have to pay 9.99 USD in order to run this application and that can be a bummer for some people. But other than that the list of features that this tool also has are quite enormous. Therefore we can’t really say that it is any bad from ibis Paint X but pretty competitive in every possible aspect.

Overall –

The Procreate tool is a great tool for iOS users as it has all the key features and perks that it desires. It really stands out in every possible way but lacks a few points when we compare it to ibis Paint X.

Final Conclusion on ibis Paint vs Procreate

Overall, ibis Paint X comes out as a winner in the battle between both of these apps and the main reason for the same is that ibis paint is a totally free tool that has some paid features but beginners can also use this tool and enjoy their learning experience for totally free of cost. Where as if you look to Procreate it is a premium tool that has many features but has some drawbacks as well as it is a paid app platform.


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